How To Check Your Plumbing for Water Leaks

Water leakage is one of the most common problems we face. Many building managers switch to a preventive plumbing maintenance approach, but in the first instance, checking your plumbing system for water leaks is a much simpler process. Some signs of water leakage and how to diagnose them yourself.

1. Pay Attention to Your Water Bills:

Focusing on your monthly water bill is a great idea. This is because unexpected changes can help determine if your home has a water leak. For example, you may notice an increase in your water bill, but it makes no difference how much water your home uses. In this case, it means that there may be hidden water leakage problems in your home. Since there are many water pipes installed under your computer, it is difficult to notice where the leaks are. Therefore, you should look for an experienced plumber to inspect your pipes and make the necessary repairs. It is important to take care of these issues before the leak worsens.

2. Checking the Water Meter

Checking the water meter is the easiest way to detect a water leak in your home. In most cases, plumbers place water meters in different places including in the basement, under your kitchen sink, or outside in concrete boxes. Once you find your water meter, make sure to turn off the water in your entire home. This includes all your equipment. Do not leave the washing machine or dishwasher running while you perform this test. When everything is turned off, look at the water meter and see if there is any movement. If you detect any moves, there may be a leak in one of your water pipes.

3. Check Your Toilet:

To check if there is a water leak in your toilet, you should add some food coloring drops or dye tabs. Then, leave the toilet unwashed for a few minutes. If the color slowly fades, there may be a leak. In this case, you need professional help to prevent this problem from further threatening.

4. Mold Growth:

The primary cause of mold growth in homes is usually water damage. If mold is found in your toilet, basement, or kitchen, water is more likely that there may be a water leak.

5. Wall Stain:

You can notice some strange discoloration on your walls and ceilings. The stains are often brown or yellow. This is a sign that there may be leaks in your water pipes that are wetting your walls or roof.