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Jamaica plain, MA


Friday, October 26, 2018
Ljova x Fade Blue

On Friday, October 26 the season opener pairs violist/violinist Ljova with acoustic quintet Fade Blue. An all around driving-force in the New York music scene composer, arranger, and violist/violinist Ljova (Lev Zhurbin) combines jazz, Russian folk, classical music, and film scores to craft distinct narrative gestures and intricate textures. For Times Two will share his intimate set “SoLò Ópus,” featuring his fadolín (a 6-string violin) and a collection of guitar effects. Paired with Ljova's multi-genre vibe, percussionist and synesthete, Julian Loida, collaborates with bandmates from Night Treeand Scottish harp virtuoso, Máiri Chaimbeul to form the new acoustic quintet Fade Blue. Each collaborator will bring their own cultivated personality and sensitivity to the soundscape. create genre-bending music influenced by jazz, klezmer, Celtic, r&b, Afro-Cuban, classical, and avant-garde music.


The Record Co / 960 Mass Ave / Cambridge, MA
$15 Suggested Donation

Check out Ljova and and Fade Blue's artist pages for more info about their music.